Effects on Russia to be more horrible than atomic bomb.

President Obama has informed Russian President Putin that “there will be costs” if Russia invades any part of the Ukraine, including the Crimea.

Sources inside the Pentagon have denied that there any any plans to launch any kind of military attack against Russia.

However, shocking details have begun to emerge from the White House that President Obama means business this time – no more lines in the sand.

He is going to force the entire nation of Russia to sign up for Obamacare!

President Obama figures that Russia will not be able to maintain any military presence in the Ukraine because the increase in health care premiums will bankrupt Russia. (A side benefit of this maneuver will allow the Democrats to show that people really are flocking to sign up for Obamacare.)

However, to show that he is merciful, President Obama has PROMISED the Russian people that they can keep their current doctors.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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